Thank you to all those that without hesitation, said ``yes''!

Andrew So, owner of Chinatown, when I asked him to use the building. Andrew has been supportive of my idea and the event from the beginning

My Brother, Neil, when I asked him if he wanted to be involved. I would never want to do a project without him.

Gary, John and Mike at Oasis Stage Works, the first few to hear of my idea, and not only said yes, but as always, ``whatever you need''.

LeiAnn, President of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake, when I showed up after five years with a crazy idea and story. It is their story too.

All the people I worked with at South Salt Lake City offices, when I proposed a crazy, risky idea. It pays to always say ``yes'' to them!

John Cameron of Cameron Construction, every day whatever it is I may ask him for that day. Thank John. I have enjoyed sharing this with you.

Scott Somners, of Somners Auto Wrecking, when I asked him to call his friend, Donny, about some cars.

Donny, who not only had every car and truck and bus we needed, but within days, let us dig them out of his yards and haul them away. That story is truly inspiring.

My new friend, Bill, when I asked for his help to find the equipment we needed to move and transport all the old cars. With his help, that mountain was moved within hours. He has said yes ever since.

Ric, at Tric Towing, when I asked if he could use his towing fleet to move 20 old cars, that week. He and his family are my new bff's.

Kelly, at Pull-n-Save, when I asked him to use his huge front loader to move the cars around. He threw in Juan, his best driver, as a bonus!

My cast and crew, when they showed up in droves to support me, and this event. All your love and hugs mean more to me than you could ever know.

Roger Hendrickson, at Vision, when I asked him for 800 feet of banners! And Steve, Carol and Quinn Kirkland of Sign Master Signs, who, the day after I called them, showed up with their truck and hung all 800 feet of the banners for me. Congratulations on your new marriage and thank you for being my angels that day.

Craig and Ken at Coke, when I called them after 5 years away, without a proposal or anything to offer them I return. Coke has been our partner for 30 years. Their support means a lot…